Wednesday, June 15, 2011


You may want to read the previous post to get a better feel for this post. Just a suggestion, friend.

Later, during my sister and brother-in-law's 23rd year wedding anniversary party, my brother-in-law started a bonfire.

First, he started out dumping some old bill receipts onto a few open flames. This escalated into a mattress frame being thrown on top the heap. Then an old broken down chair was thrown on top of that.

When the fire was really going good, I threw about a large kitchen bag's worth of old receipts, bills and other outdated forms onto the fire.

When we were tanked and feeling pretty marvelous, we all grabbed our chairs and sat around the bonfire, feeling the inviting heat and enjoying our faraway stares into the flames of hell and well, um, burning medical insurance forms, furniture and whatever else we could think of throwing into the bonfire.

I wanted to throw my friend, who suffers from MS, into the fire, but a couple friends thought it was too early in the evening yet.

(sigh) I guess it would take a few more margaritas and glasses of bourbon for my jovial group.

Just kidding, Marty.

I've always found fire to be mesmerizing. I could stare into the fire all night. Which all of us did, pretty much, while talking nonsensically to one another, in a half arc around the bonfire.

Do you perceive images within the fire? Enlarge the picture to see what I see. Get as close as you want. See the weird beings? Look closely! Don't worry! I won't kick your ass into the fire like I usually would. :-) I'm adding the smiley face, here, to give you the impression I'm joking about that last part.

Look closely! (boot)

Here we are, in a half arc around the bonfire, in drunken, happy stupors.


bazza said...

There's something about the type of warmth you get from a bonfire that is unique. It's the same with an old-fashioned coal fire and hearth. Happy days!
Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

THE SNEE said...

I really enjoyed your photos, and the descriptions accompanying the bonfire. And now a new imaginative activity around the fire. It is as mesmerizing as cloud watching. You had Such a fun night! WOW! I'm glad to see you making time for summer. Stay well friend.

Kelly said...

bazza- That's true. Plus staring into fire of any kind is quite hypnotic- with or without booze. It's something that goes back to our primitive caveman days, I suppose. Happy days to you, my friend.

Kelly said...

THE SNEE- Thanks on both counts. Yes, it certainly is an imaginative activity. I'm not sure how new it is, though. I think people will allow themselves to see images in fire, clouds or heck, even within the grain of a wooden door or- a piece of toast (I'm referring to the idiot who thought they saw Jesus on some burnt toast a few years back)

Yeah, it was a fun night. We had good food, conversation, entertainment and a bonfire. I think I'm making more time for summer because I was getting away from the blogging scene in a way for awhile. I could say a month or so ago, it was due to problems we were experiencing. Now I just don't long to be around the computer as much, except for the past couple days. Maybe that will change, too. For now, I'm doing what I want.

Glad you found a new place to live, Rebecca. Sounds like your summer is going to be a good one, starting out, too. Take care of you and yours, Rebecca.

Lana Gramlich said...

"I wanted to throw my friend, who suffers from MS, into the fire, but a couple friends thought it was too early in the evening yet."


I used to use fire as a creative meditation tool much as you've mentioned here--looking for images, etc. in the flames, embers and smoke. I haven't had many fires since moving to Louisiana, unfortunately. Too damned hot as it is! :(

Kelly said...

Lana Gramlich- Lol... Glad you liked that lil' joke. Some of my more sinister friends and I joke with Marty about what we would like to do with him and he thinks it's funny, too. He's got an evil sense of humor, as well, so he gets it. In reality, we'd do anything for him and deeply respect him.

I think maybe a few overly sensitive folks would fret over that line I wrote but I'm glad you didn't. You got the fact I was just joking right away.

That's cool that you used fire like that, as well. I think looking into a fire like that is underrated in this techno age. Maybe I could post about that on my other blog. :) Yeah, I've heard it get's pretty steamy in Louisiana. Way too hot for a fire. I apologize for not responding to your comment sooner. Been busy. Happy 4th of July to you! Take care.