Monday, February 14, 2011

The Parks Are Quickly Thawing Out

My friend, Steve and my wife went to one of the state parks, Saturday and had a nice time. The temperature, for the first time in over two months, began closing in on 50 degrees (F). It felt so good not to be shivering for once and to be able to travel from our place without driving on ice or snow-covered roads. We joked around and had a wonderful time.

Instead of our park lake in the back of our place being totally encased in ice, everything was melting to the point where you could see the gazebo and the lake.

Don't ask me what this is supposed to be. We found this "snow creature" off to the side of the road inside the state park. My friend thought it resembled a fox. I thought maybe they, whoever they were, were trying to build a elephant that could walk on two legs or a wombat. Whatever it was, they gave it a walking stick, leafs for eyes and a green thing on it's head.

After leaving the park, we enjoyed the rest of the day, telling stories, sharing jokes and listening to Pink Floyd and The Who in the CD player. It seemed the improving weather had improved our spirits. Funny how that is.