Thursday, March 17, 2011

Clifty Falls State Park (part 1)

I took so many great pictures during our trip to Clifty Falls State Park over the weekend, I have to split them up into two posts.

Clifty Falls features a park rife with waterfalls, trails to hike and absolutely beautiful scenery. The following are shots of scenes we enjoyed at lookout points during our travel in this substantially sized park. My wife, my friend and I spent a relaxing, yet fun filled day while here. If you wish to hear about a few of the good times we had, click this link.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Little Flooding

Our small towns along the Ohio river are being flooded just a wee bit. The flood levels aren't enough to complain about, especially in comparison to other parts of the world, like Japan and Australia, of course. But the shots my friend, Steve, and I took from our cameras were kinda cool, I thought.

This is a small park that my wife and I go to for picnics and boat watching during the summer and fall months. There's quite a few wooden shelters to sit under. I wouldn't try that now, though. I think, just think... I might get wet.

Now here's a picture that contrasts the one before it, quite nicely. The picture below, taken during a cold winter's day, is of the exact same location as the picture above. Pretty neat.

The buildings below were shut down due to flooding. You can't see the highway, at all, in this shot.

The Ohio river has decided the road will end and it's up to you to try to find another way around.

I'm wondering what the guy in the truck is thinking... or is he thinking?

Barge... River... Meet house.

Something tells me no one's going to be playing football in the field today. Just a hunch.