Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Little Flooding

Our small towns along the Ohio river are being flooded just a wee bit. The flood levels aren't enough to complain about, especially in comparison to other parts of the world, like Japan and Australia, of course. But the shots my friend, Steve, and I took from our cameras were kinda cool, I thought.

This is a small park that my wife and I go to for picnics and boat watching during the summer and fall months. There's quite a few wooden shelters to sit under. I wouldn't try that now, though. I think, just think... I might get wet.

Now here's a picture that contrasts the one before it, quite nicely. The picture below, taken during a cold winter's day, is of the exact same location as the picture above. Pretty neat.

The buildings below were shut down due to flooding. You can't see the highway, at all, in this shot.

The Ohio river has decided the road will end and it's up to you to try to find another way around.

I'm wondering what the guy in the truck is thinking... or is he thinking?

Barge... River... Meet house.

Something tells me no one's going to be playing football in the field today. Just a hunch.


LilPixi said...

Holy crap, that's a lot of flooding!

Must be just a lil taste of how scary it can be too.

These situations (even if pretty minor & posing no threat on a large scale) throw me into panic.
I once drove by a contained forest fire & I have to say I've never felt such fear & unease in my life. I imagine if I felt too flooded out (or rather "in") I'd get a similar feeling.

Kelly said...

Yeah, it was for some towns. That's for sure. Closed down a lot of businesses and a marina.

Oh, I've seen and been in much worse flooding than that. The 1967 Ohio river flood was massive. I almost died in that one due to me having pneumonia and a 105 degree temperature with the road closed off to the hospital. My mom and dad had to take a row boat, with me inside, to get to the hospital, eventually. I blacked out and stopped breathing at one point. Plus, there have been other big floods on the Ohio, too.

I can understand why you'd panic. Being that close to a forest fire, not knowing if you're going to get caught in it would freak you out. Especially if the wind is blowing the fire towards you.

Something strange happened to me when mom died. Car wrecks I've been in, medical emergencies and tornadoes that come close by... They don't bother me as much any more. When I saw my mom, dead, on the table at the hospital 5 years ago, with a purple/yellow dotted complexion- due to carbon monoxide poisoning... everything else became trivialized somehow.

I still go into shocks, due to surprising incidents, every once in awhile but that situation years ago sucked the panic right out of me. Loss of somebody you love with all your heart trumps everything.

bazza said...

Somehow your pics of floods appear calm and beautiful, even peaceful! Obviously they are devastating for home and business owners.
Sometimes I'm glad that, in the UK, we tend not to get much in the way of earthquakes, forest fires etc although we do get some flooding.
Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

Static said...

HALP! *glug--glug!

Kelly said...

bazza- Yeah, they do, don't they. I thought they turned out pretty cool looking and kinda serene, like you pretty much said. And yeah, there was some extensive, expensive damage done here and there along the river on our side. From what I gather, some houses and businesses on the Ohio side got the worse of it.

Do you guys ever get tornadoes? We'll get 3 0r 4 a year.

Kelly said...

Static- Don't worry! I'm throwing you an anvil! That will help out. G'day!

Static said...

Gee thanks for that. But you nearly missed shattering my pelvis. You throw like a girl.

Kelly said...

Static- lol... You're like, welcome and stuff. Maybe I'd have better luck throwing you a Sheenzilla to save your life. At the rate he's losing weight, due to his extracurricular activities, he'd be easy to toss.

Static said...

Some days I wanna drop kick his ass off the side of a cliff, and other days I just want to give him a big hug...(maybe a big bear hug and snap him in half). Is it just me?

Tasos said...

my.... what a disaster! You've taken some really good pictures but I cannot ignore the disaster captured in them

Kelly said...

Tasos- Oh, the flooding we had wasn't too bad. In truth, the pictures were taken of the worst flooded spots in town. But I thank you for saying these were good pictures, my friend. Take care.