Saturday, December 4, 2010

Walking Along The Ohio River and Lesko Park

We spent part of our day walking along the Ohio River in Lesko Park. It was still snowing. It was cold. And it was fun.

We had our first substantial snowfall late this year. I was going to say the first substantial snowfall of the Winter season and then I realized it's not officially winter yet. Around my neck of the woods, however, if you have entered into the month of December, it's unofficially winter here due to the cold, snowy weather we get in this area, normally.

I would say we got around three to four inches of snow. Ordinarily, people panic when it first snows around here. Not today. Everyone seemed to enjoy it- which was nice.

For a hundred years, more or less, you could take a ferry across the river to the other side- which would be the state of Kentucky. About a decade or so ago, the ferry stopped it's run. I have fond memories of those river rides.

Uh-Oh... Looks like there be a monster lurking about in the waters today, Matey.

My wife, doing her best turtle impersonation. She was agreeable... and crazy enough to go for a frigid afternoon walk along the river with me today. She'll later kill me for taking this picture of her and posting it on this blog. So... so long, folks! See ya on the other side!

Each lamppost has a little sign, hanging off to the side, saying who contributed money to put toward the creation of the park and it's future improvements.

Some people come down here to fish during the spring and summer months.

I welcome all of you to come jump in the river for a swim. It's a "balmy" 0 degrees Celsius and 32 degrees Fahrenheit outside today.

Don't worry about your safety. I'll be there to take a few choice pics of you while you enjoy your swim. Tee hee.

Facts you may not know about the Ohio River: The Ohio River is 981 miles (1582 km) long, starting at the confluence of the Allegheny and the Monongahela Rivers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and ending in Cairo, Illinois, where it flows into the Mississippi River.

The Ohio River flows through or borders six states: Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

The Ohio River is a source of drinking water for more than three million people.

Approximately 150 species of fish have been collected from the Ohio River.

For more facts about the Ohio River look here.


bazza said...

Hi Kelly. In the London area we have just had snow for a week or so. It's very unusual to get any snow before January here; some years we get none at all.
I really enjoyed seeing these pictures, it's very relaxing to look at. I like walking in this kind of weather as long as it's not windy.
By the way you couldn't fit a river of 981 miles into the UK. The distance, by road, from Land's End at the south-western tip of Cornwall to the northernmost tip of Scotland is 874 miles!
Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

Kelly said...

bazza- So you guys normally get your first snowfall after the first of the year, if you get any. Interesting. If you could, could you tell me how long your, well, UNOFFICIAL winter, lasts? Like from when it usually gets really cold and snowy up until it starts to warm up, roughly.

I'm glad you liked the pics. I like walking in any kind of weather, really. As long as there is no ice on the pathway. If I fall and hurt myself, it takes forever to heal- due to my diabetes. In those cases (ice on the pathways), I'll try to walk in the grass, if it's possible.

I bet you couldn't fit 981 miles of river (or anything) in the UK. Unless we're talking about cooked spaghetti, coiled up. :) When I look at the map and check out the sizes of most U.S. states and UK, that doesn't surprise me about what you say. That distance/description you explained is very interesting. I had no idea that it was 874 miles in length. Btw, on a strange, coincidental note... That coat I'm wearing in one of the pics is made by a company called Land's End. Take care, bazza.

bazza said...

The major element of UK weather is unpredictability. Howwever we generally get four distinct seasons:
Hot Summer June to August
Mild Autumn September to November
Cold Winter December to March
Mild Spring April and May
But there ain't no guarantee!
We could get snow in the Summer and a heatwave at Christmas. How does that compare to yours?

Kelly said...

bazza- The only thing predictable around here is the unpredictability of the weather. Just your guys' situation there. Thanks for telling me how it is with your seasons. I thought that was funny what you said about snow in summer and heatwave during Christmas. The same could be said here, too. I believe it's due to global warming.

I'm 47 years old and I've been around long enough to see the drastic climate changes in the last 20 years.

Here's my rundown of how it is with us (no guarantees here, either), with other UNOFFICIAL seasons thrown into the mix:

Winter/Ice Age- starts from October and lasts until April (though I've seen snow in May several times in the last 20 years). If you like ice and snow, this is the time to come here.

Spring/Monsoon- Starts in April and lasts until May (most of that time it is raining, continuously).

Summer/Heatwave- Drought conditions begin in June and lasts until the mid September. Temps range in the "Help. I'm dying of thirst" category to "Never mind. My bones have been bleached white." category.

Fall/Monsoon II- Fall only lasts, typically, for about two weeks (the last 2 weeks of September). For a few days you may see the sun peek out long enough to go for a leisurely walk. To tell you the truth, I don't know why they bother putting "Fall Begins" on the calendars around here. It's been my experience, the season no longer exists.

So there ya go, bazza. :)

MartyrMom said...

did you photo shop the 2nd one from the bottom...with the pepsi vending machine. That one looks really cool with all greys and then the splash of color on a few things!

I love the photos and i especially appreciate the lesson on the river!

Kelly said...

MarytrMom- No, I didn't Photoshop any of them. But you're right... that vending machine, with it's colors against all the greys are cool. Glad you like the photos and the info regarding the Ohio River.

THE SNEE said...

It's the good ole Ohio! I can't believe you guys got snow before us up here in the northern hinterlands...even The British are basking in the white stuff. Hmmm..climate change anyone? Or perhaps it's just a blip. I liked taking a walk with you Kelly, but was glad to be toasty in my slippers while I did it.

Kelly said...

THE SNEE- Sorry I'm late in commenting back. We're supposed to get ice and freezing rain later tonight and in the morning in time for rush hour. How nice, eh. Then we'll be getting more snow and possibly ice on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Yeah, I heard the British and really, most of Europe is getting hit hard with snow. I think it does have something to do with climate change, for sure.

Glad you liked your "walk" with me, even though you cheated and just wore slippers. :)

Seasons Greetings and a mighty HO HO HO your way, Rebecca!