Saturday, April 2, 2011

Clifty Falls State Park (part 2)

Oops... I forgot I hadn't put the "part two" of this post up yet. lol. My bad.

Anyways, friends and neighbors, my wife, friend and I took a little trip to Madison, Indiana to see the sights of Clifty Falls State Park several weeks ago. Before sure to check out the first part of this two-part post, just in case you feel "out of the loop", so to speak. :-)

And if you want to learn more about the areas where the photographs were taken, be sure to click the link above.

Clifty Falls features a park rife with waterfalls, trails to hike and absolutely beautiful scenery. The following are shots of scenes we enjoyed at lookout points during our travel in this substantially sized park. My wife, my friend and I spent a relaxing, yet fun filled day while here.

Above, is something you'll see right away when venturing into the Clifty Inn.

Friend, standing next to the outside of the Clifty Inn and Falls Restaurant.

Below, you'll find pictures of the Ohio River and the town of Madison.

Above, you can see Steve taking a picture of me while I'm taking a picture of him taking a picture of me while I'm taking a... lol.

Whatever you do, don't play on this old boat! Heh heh. There's history to this boat and you can read about it to the right of where it says, "Please Do Not Play on Boat." Enlarge picture to read. Or not. :-)

Clifty Falls and the nearby Ohio River are products of the Ice Age. The Ohio River is a trench cut by sand and gravel laden melt waters of the glacial ice mass and basically marks the southern most advance of the glaciers which came from the north. Clifty Falls and its canyon are a subsequent erosion feature. From the lip of Clifty Falls at an elevation near the general level of the county, Clifty Creek plunges down more than 70 feet. In nearly three miles of canyon, the creek descends another 250 feet to the Ohio River below. There are four major waterfalls and numerous minor ones in the park.


bazza said...

It looks like an incredibly peaceful location. It's good to have something like that within easy reach of where you live.
Although I live in a London Borough there are lots of farms, a proper boating lake, a professional dirt-bike track and some forestry within walking distant. I value them as places to relax much like Clifty Falls I suppose.
Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

klahanie said...

Hey Kelly,
More neat photos and loads of info on Clifty Falls State Park.
You've got some awesome scenery to take photos of. And of course, your buddy Steve, is pretty awesome scenery, also :)
Thanks for sharing a little bit more about your day out adventures. I know how therapeutic it is for y'all.
Take care, friend.

Kelly said...

bazza- Yeah, we are fortunate to have many places such as this not far from us. We have a lot of parks and scenic points above and below in the valleys and the hills. The terrain in the tri-state area is incredibly varied when I think about it. It sounds as though you live in a relaxing area, complete with places to engage in a variety of fun activities. You and I are fortunate.

Kelly said...

klahanie- Thanks, Gary. Yeah, the scenery is beautiful and changes dramatically according to the seasons. This is especially true of the Red River Gorge in Kentucky I posted about before. I'll let Steve know you think he is 'pretty awesome scenery'. lol. He laugh about that one. Hope you enjoy the day and evening. Take care.

THE SNEE said...

I love the photos of the Ohio flowing around the bend, It reminds me that I need to get out more! be well Kelly.

Anita Johnson said...

Neat park!

Kelly said...

THE SNEE- I'm really happy that you have enjoyed the photos. Yeah, getting out in nature has nothing but a positive effect on your outlook and spirit, I find. I encourage everyone to do it. Maybe when the snow finally clears, it will be easier for you to do this. Take care, Rebecca.

Kelly said...

Anita Johnson- I agree. Take care, Anita.

Lana Gramlich said...

Great shots and thanks for the info! Sorry for my recent absence, btw. Spring is my busy visual arts marketing season & I've been taking advantage of every opportunity before the oppressive heat gets here!

Kelly said...

Lana Gramlich- That's understandable about your absence. Everything is cool with us. Take care and thanks for the compliment.