Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Deer In Our Backyard

There are so many deer in our area these days, that they can be seen almost anywhere and anytime. I took these shots in the back of our place. They're still skittish, somewhat, of humans and other animals but not as much as they were prone to being, in the past.

They were a family of four, from what I could see. There might have been more members of their family in the woods nearby.

These animals are very pretty to look at but not when you're running into them with your vehicle- which has happened twice to us in the last two years. Others in this area have had frequent deer collisions, as well.

Still, when you see them up close and personal like this, they instill a sense of indescribable calm within you.

The deer stuck around for a good fifteen to twenty minutes until two stray cats happened by them, unsuspecting. The cats were spooked by the big strange animals, let out a big MEOW and scared the deer off, back into the woods.


klahanie said...

Hi Kelly,
Awe, what lovely photographs of the deer. Much better seeing them like this. rather than having one collide with a vehicle.
Thanks for sharing. I hoping one time to take a photo of a fox in our garden. And when I say 'fox', that would be the four-legged variety:-)
Take care, Gary.

Kelly said...

klahanie- Thanks, man. Yeah, better to see them this way than on the hood of your truck or, in the case of the 2nd time, having one rip the front bottom of your truck off with it's body.

Maybe you'll get the chance to get a picture of another fox in your garden. And when I say 'fox', I mean the busty, two-legged human kind. :-)

Take care. Liked your latest post- a lot. Peace!

bazza said...

Wow! You've still got snow there!
How far north are you? Minesota?
I am always struck by how fragile deer seem to be. Your first picture looks like Bambi searching for his Mum.

Kelly said...

bazza- Yeah, we've have four major snowstorms so far and we're supposed to get more tonight and this coming Monday again. It won't let up. And the sub-freezing tempts that follow these storms keeps the snow and ice on the roads, too. No, I live in Indiana, but you'd think it was somewhere in the Arctic circle.

Yeah, in regards to the 1st pic, it does look like that. I guess you're no longer getting much or any snow???

Lana Gramlich said...

Very cool. Seeing deer is like seeing fairies--magical moments too few and far between.

Kelly said...

Lana- Yeah, seeing deer are cool. Lately, in the park I walk in, I've been able to walk right up to them, about 8 feet away before they make their mad dash into the woods.

THE SNEE said...

What a deer you are to show me those dear photos! I might be a tad nerdy, but peeking out my window and seeing deer is well....THRILLING! Today, I had to stop my car for a wild turkey crossing. A flock of about 20 were tip toeing, and tripping over the 10 foot snow drifts to get to the other side. Discovery Channel bliss right outside your own door. Lovely photos.

Kelly said...

THE SNEE- Ha ha. Glad I could add a bit of cheer to your evening. I know what you mean about seeing deer out your window. It is thrilling... and getting to be more commonplace by the day around here. The wild tip-toeing, tripping turkeys puts a funny picture in my mind. Maybe someone (hint, hint) should be nice enough to give them a large pet step ramp to get up over those outlandish snow drifts. Tee hee.

Hey Rebecca, we have wild turkeys here, too. They're fun to watch. And they can get so big, can't they?

Yeah, being so near the woods and wildlife like we are, we could have our own show on the Discovery Channel... no problem. Thanks for stopping by. Take care. Watch out for the turkeys!