Friday, November 19, 2010

The Trip To Red River Gorge (part two)

Continuing from the previous post.... After my wife, friend and I easily walked the quarter mile trail to Sky Bridge, we were greeted with some amazing scenery. You had to be cautious while walking on the natural rock bridge or you could fall and quite possibly die. No railing around. As long as you're careful, you can really enjoy the sights.

Iron ore can be found embedded inside the bridge. Click the pic to enlarge. And yes, that's my shadow. :)

(As for that dude up above, to the left) I'm not sure I'd want to stand where he's standing. And check out the graffiti that's been carved into the rock, below. It's everywhere- even on the edges of the bridge.

Yep, this is the Mrs. and I.

This is a really good map of Red River Gorge and all the trails scattered and connected within the area.
Now, in the following shot, we're on the way to the Nada Tunnel. The Nada Tunnel is a 12' by 12' tunnel, open to only one lane of traffic. Nada Tunnel and the community of Nada were named for the Dana Lumber Company. In the early 1900s, a logging company built the tunnel so they could haul logs out of the Red River Gorge by railroad.

The Nada Tunnel. We had to wait quite a long time to get to the point where we could go through it, but once we did, it was cool. We were surrounded by bronze colored rock as we drove through it and it was pretty neat. Every sound was amplified.

This is the Hemlock Lodge. We ate supper here before making the trip back home. The pic after this, shows what's behind and down below the lodge/restaurant. Standing over the lodge's long balcony, you'll find a golf course, a small track, a lake and a place for dancing and celebrating.


klahanie said...

Hi Kelly,
Another interesting and informative pictorial posting.
It does look like a fascinating place and I know how good it feels to get out there in nature.
Now, I been to the 'Red River' that runs through Winnipeg and I'm trying to figure out if it's the same river.
I've checked on google maps, but I'm not sure.
Thanks for sharing these excellent photos. Yes, even the ones with you in them lol

bazza said...

I'd think twice about eating at a place called the Hemlock Lodge! But the whole place does look very pretty.

THE SNEE said...

HI Kelly, Yes you and I have literally shared footsteps in the Red River Gorge. As I said, it's one of my most favorite places to get away to.....lots of magic to be had! Thanks for sharing such pretty photos. I felt like I was there. I have eaten many a meal in the Hemlock Lodge. Bazza, I'm still here...but it might explain the contents of my blog-hahaha.

Kelly said...

klahanie- Thanks, Gary. Yeah, Ican tell you like being in nature by some of your posts and what you've said before. It instills peace and an indescribable kind of contentedness when you're out in it. No, it's not the same river. There is a 'Red River' in Kentucky, that runs through the Gorge but it stops pretty short of it's northern neighboring states of Ohio or Indiana.

Gosh, I thought the ones with me in them are the "toast of the town".

Or something. :)

Kelly said...

bazza- Hahaha... Don't let the name fool ya, there Bazza ol' dude. The food is great there. And no pubes! Yes, it is pretty. Come on down and I'll take ya there some time. I promise not to push you over a cliff like I did the last friend. :)

Kelly said...

THE SNEE- I figured as much. I'm sure you've been to Chimney Rock, Princess Arch and some of the others. I wonder if you ever got on some of those trails that are "off limits". We did that a couple times with some interesting results. You're welcome about sharing the photos. I like doing this blog for the same reason I do the other one. They're both cathartic in their own way.

I thought the food was great at the Lodge, too. Take care.

Lana Gramlich said...

Thanks for sharing such a lovely place! Hope all's well. Sorry for my recent absence--Been busy AND sick. :(

Kelly said...

Lana Gramlich- Yeah, the Gorge has fantastic scenery all year round. It's a place to go when you want to be in peace and reflect. Hope you're feeling better and things get less hectic.

MartyrMom said...

I sure wouldn't want to make anyone mad on that bridge! Nice pics

Kelly said...

MarytrMom- Hahaha. Nope. me neither. If anybody that seems "suspicious" asks you out for a walk on this bridge, tell them you're afraid of heights. Thanks for the nice pics comment. Take care.