Sunday, October 31, 2010

Stony Frog

My friend, Steve, his son and I went to my sister's place in Indiana. We mainly went there at the beginning of the week to do some fishing. My sister has a pretty good sized pond where I do most of my fishing during the summer and fall seasons. I'd like to try my hand at doing a little ice fishing here this winter.

There's basically eight types of life you'll find living in and around the pond. That would be:

Large Mouth Bass
Toads and Frogs
Flying Insects


Bloodsucking Ticks (lots of them) That's why all of our mutual friends call my sister's place The Tick Ranch. Because 99% of the time you're guaranteed to go home with a tick on you or the stuff you left with.

Now, while we were down there we were doing more talking than catching anything. I have a feeling that might have had something to do with all the algae on the surface of the water. We were limited in where we could cast our line out. In the summer, I'll catch anywhere between ten to twenty good sized fish.

The lack of action gave us plenty of time to look around while we sat on the dock. Steve found what looked to be a the axle of a truck, which is surprising, since it would be extremely difficult to go down the steep hill to park decently next to the pond. This makes me think that a truck went off the field path and slid into the lake some years before my sister and brother-in-law bought the place and the surrounding acres of land. That wouldn't surprise me that much. Stranger things have happened at her place. A previous owner of the 100 year old farm house, barns and land had hung himself in one of the barns.

I found a frog (or toad) that wouldn't freaking move. Not even a blink of one of it's eyes.

I watched it off and on for 45 minutes and it would not move a tiny bit. I yelled, "Move!"

But it didn't budge or make a peep. It just sat there with it's eyes wide open.

In my younger, somewhat less compassionate years, I probably would have thrown a stick or rock at it. But I didn't. I just watched the Frog of Stone sit there. I was beginning to think it was a ceramic thing-a-ma-jiggy that my sister or niece put down by the lake for decoration.

Finally, one of my nieces came down by the lake. I hoped that she could solve the mystery. I asked her several questions about Mr. Stony Frog but she couldn't tell me if it was real or not. She said she didn't put it there.

A few minutes went by before I turned my back to talk to somebody. When I turned back around, the frog wasn't there. I looked at the water near the bank where he had sat and I could see his big frog peepers (eyes, you know) sitting just above the water. Then he winked. I shouted, "Look! He's real! There he is!" Everyone looked at him and that's when he swam off.

Mystery solved.

After several hours of unsuccessful fishing but lots of interesting conversation (no, not about the frog), we head back up to the house. After my sister, Steve, his son and I are talking for awhile, I notice a huge hornet's nest on a nearby tree branch. I make mention of it and my sister says she doesn't think there's anything in it. Her sense of humor almost equals mine in pure wickedness. Guess what happens next? Why... She snaps off the limb the nest is hanging off of and holds it over Steve's head, of course.

At least he's happy about it.

Here's another shot of it. No hornets ever came out of it. The sun was rapidly going down about this time.

It almost looks like a dead chicken from this angle and the lighting. I would likely discourage you from eating it. Well, actually, no, I wouldn't. I think seeing you eating it would give me a chuckle or two.


bazza said...

Kelly, in your list of life-forms around the pond you didn't list water birds. It would be unusual in the UK to see any pond that did not have a selection from:
Ducks, Swans, Mallard, Moorhens, Coots (as in 'bald as a...'), Canada Geese and other water fowl. Maybe the ticks keep them away in that location?

Kelly said...

bazza- Leave it to you, my sharp-minded friend, to note the missing life forms around the pond. Hahaha. It's funny, though, that you mention birds around there. I say that because when I think back on all the times I've been down at her pond, I don't recall really seeing any. I'm sure they visit, however. Unless the ticks are keeping them at bay. :) Bay? Get it? Gee, I'm hoot.

It sounds as though you have a nice selection of birds in your area. I've heard of all of them except 'Coots'. We have plenty of all the rest of the ones you mentioned in the tri-state area... Except around my sister's pond, maybe. :) Tee hee.

MartyrMom said...

the first picture is cool the way the sun is coming through the trees!

Kelly said...

MarytrMom- Yeah, I thought so, too. It looked ethereal to me.

Lana Gramlich said...

*LOL @ the hornet's nest/dead chicken.* I like the top shot. Looks like a nice place, ticks or no.

Kelly said...

Lana Gramlich- Glad ya liked the dead chicken nest. lol. Oh yeah, it is a nice place, pretty far from civilization (crazy society).